Which drive and storage capacity should I get?

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We offer two different options to consider before determining capacity.

Drive Options #

SSD – highest reliability and longest expected lifespan due to larger storage drive (500GB). It is bigger, though, about the size of a business card and approx 1/2 inch thick (although in the Model 3 you wouldn’t see it since it’s in the center storage area). 

MicroSD – small profile, high reliability. Smaller capacity storage (128/256 GB) gives you a lower price while still being designed for Dashcam systems.

Capacity Sizes #

There are two main things to consider when determining your capacity size:

  • Archive: As you increase capacity you also increase the amount of footage that can be archived before being overwritten by the system.
    • 128GB – ~2-3 weeks video archive
    • 256GB – ~4-6 weeks video archive
    • 500GB – ~2-3 months video archive
  • Lifespan: Higher capacity drives last longer due to less frequent overwrites of the bits on the card (less wear and tear essentially). 

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