TeslaCam SSD Extreme

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Fully Formatted Solid State Drive for Tesla's DashCam and Sentry Mode

  • Comes fully formatted for TeslaCam
  • “Plug-and-Play” – straight from the envelope to your Tesla
  • The ultimate solution for TeslaCam data reliability (SSD)
  • USB A & C connections, works with Mac or PC
  • Extremely small profile – 0.24 x 1.9 x 2.87in.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – “no questions asked” 30-day returns

Drive comes pre-formatted for TeslaCam – simply plug into your Tesla and it will start recording!

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Looking for the ultimate TeslaCam solution in terms of reliability and storage capacity? Look no further than the Pure Tesla Extreme SSD.


  • High Capacity – Extensive TeslaCam archive and empty your drive less often with 500 GB of available storage space.
  • High-speed transfers with up to 550MB/s read speeds – perfect for continuous writing from all four DashCam cameras.
  • Quickly move TeslaCam videos fast between drive and computer/device
  • Shock-resistant solid-state core for greater durability
  • Compact and pocket-sized (smaller than a business card!)
  • Manufactured by Gigastone, an enterprise memory storage leader

The Pure Tesla Extreme SSD Includes:

  • 500 GB SSD Drive in a beautiful black metal enclosure
  • USB C to USB A cable for use in all compatible Tesla vehicles (with AP 2.5 or newer)
  • USB C to USB C cable to easy connectivity with a variety of computers and devices


Fits perfectly in the Jeda Hub. Learn more here.


Unfortunately, Tesla's sometimes get unwanted attention. Make sure yours is protected with the best TeslaCam recording hardware available.


Fits in the space available for all three Tesla models (Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y).


**Note: TeslaCam requires AP 2.5 hardware or newer to operate (approximately August 2017 or later).

**International shipments going through customs are subject to inspection and, depending on your countries import policies, may be assessed import fees/VAT upon arrival and are the responsibility of the customer. This only applies to specific countries.


TeslaCam Extreme Portable SSD Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x L): 0.24 x 1.9 x 2.87in.
Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C
Storage temperature: –20°C to 70°C
Interface: USB 3.1 Gen 2
Write Speed: up to 550 MB/sec
Works with: Mac, PC, Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 13 or higher (with adapter)

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions N/A

500 GB

56 reviews for TeslaCam SSD Extreme

  1. Kathleen S. (verified owner)

  2. RICHARD Schmidt (verified owner)

    Everything came quickly and in perfect shape. Install went easily. I have not reviewed any data yet.

  3. Jann-Kristian Ness (verified owner)

    Works perfectly, hope I can plug it into my iPhone or iPad soon.

  4. Lawrence A. (verified owner)

    My 500GB drive arrived in a couple of days, and I just plugged it into my new Jeda hub in my Model 3, and it started working immediately. Pretty simple…glad I chose Pure Tesla… 🙂

  5. Jeff Brown (verified owner)

  6. Blake M. (verified owner)

    Simply put…everything was easy. Ordering, delivery, and installing (plugging into the USB port was the hardest and only part).

    Thanks Jeff for the great product!

  7. Terry S. (verified owner)

    Great product and very fast shipping. I will buy from PureTesla again.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Philip O. (verified owner)

    The Sandisk I purchased through Pure Tesla worked easily and beautifully right out of the box. It came with necessary cables to attach it to both the Tesla and my computer. The communication and care from Pure Tesla was excellent throughout the process.

  10. Geoffrey H. (verified owner)

    Drive came promptly and was ready to plug in. This drive should provide fast enough write speed to work well with Teslacam and Sentry mode. Have not reviewed images yet. Should be much improved over jump drive.

  11. Deo M. (verified owner)

    I received my TeslaCam Drive in great condition with the included instructions and helpful points to consider to extend the life of the drive and to troubleshoot when needed. I drove my T3 and the drive is working as it should. My long ordeal with having to change multiple drives over the last few months is finally over.

  12. Matt K. (verified owner)

    The SSD arrived quickly and works completely as expected. I’m happy with the ordering process, the price, and particularly the care with which PureTesla researched this device to ensure it works well with the DashCam feature. The drive so far has been very fast and reliable, though of course I’ll need more time to rule on its long-term viability.

    I took the extra step to re-partition and re-format my drive so I could have a separate 32-GB space for music files, since my Tesla can read music from one partition while recording to the larger TESLACAM partition. This works great, though it requires a bit deeper of an understanding of how to use disk management tools (e.g. “Disk Manager” in Windows). Note that if you go this route, the formatting applied by PureTesla will be lost, but it’s very simple to recreate it.

    Even though I didn’t need the formatting in my case since I planned to redo it myself, I chose to buy this SSD from PureTesla because, again, I trust their research to have picked a good, fast and reliable SSD for this purpose. Thank you for a smooth purchase.

  13. Lawrence G. (verified owner)

    Jeff was great at Pure Tesla helping me return a wrong purchase (my mistake) and getting the right one. They even paid the return shipping charges. The product is working just fine, I now have both Sentry and Dashcam. Great people to do business with and having the SSD already formatted was a big help.

  14. Tarik O. (verified owner)

    Quick, simple, and works straight out of the box. I also got some great general advice about my M3 to along with it! A++++

  15. Tom (verified owner)

    GREAT JOB, FAST Delivery and IT Works!! Worked out of the box after spending hours trying myself. TESLA cars require FAT32 formatting that is old architecture which only accommodates up to 32GB. No memory device nowadays comes in FAT32. Most are exFAT. I found software on the web that would format exFAT to FAT32 but only 32GB were converted as that is what Microsoft set years ago for this format. After repeated attempts I found Pure Tesla and bought a 256GB Micro SD card formatted and prepared with the obligatory “TeslaCam” file folder. Guess what? It worked perfectly. After a few weeks even that card filled up quickly so I then purchased the 500GB SSD, Solid State Drive, and now I just swap them out when my M-S identifies a Sentry Event and review it at home.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought the 256G SSD option. Great plug n play alternative to trying to format a large USB drive in FAT32, something I failed at 3 times. Like others, I simply plugged the unit in, right out of the package, and it worked. Fast processing and delivery. Would buy from this outfit again. Thanks!

  17. Holly F. (verified owner)

    The best! Fast shipping and installation could not have been easier.

  18. Ronald Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great service. Great product.

  19. Paxton Woods (verified owner)

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, works as advertised.

    Also, it fits perfectly in the Jeda USB Hub compartment.

  21. Jeff Baum (verified owner)

  22. Alexander P. (verified owner)

    Plugged in and it worked.

  23. David Flin (verified owner)


  24. Zubin A. (verified owner)

    It’s as simple as plug-in-play. Nothing more to do. Just awesome!

  25. Rick C. (verified owner)

    Worked right out of the box.Feel more secure that the best in class SD will capture important images when called on

  26. Kimberly P. (verified owner)

    Easy set-up, just plug in!

  27. JACK (verified owner)


  28. Spessard B. (verified owner)

    Great Service and Great Product!

  29. Norman L Waterman (verified owner)

    Great service, always receive my order in 2 or 3 days

  30. Charles S. (verified owner)

    came exactly as described and arrived even quicker than expected!

  31. Tom S. (verified owner)

    Works great; I just plugged it in and my MX showed it connected. Note that it took a few seconds for the Tesla to recognize it; so just be patient and it should work.

  32. Johnny Walker (verified owner)

    Wrote in a question via support email before I ordered item (on a Sunday), Jeff answered within a few hours. Item was mailed the next day and I received the 500GB SSD formatted 32GB for music and remainder for the sentry! Yaahooo! Thank you Jeff and staff!!

  33. Allen Nave (verified owner)

    Product seems to be working great!

  34. Brijesh (verified owner)

    Fast, Easy and Hassle free. Please keep up the great work. Outstanding Customer Service Experience!!!

  35. Jeffrey C. (verified owner)

    Works great. Plug in and go

  36. craig brunt (verified owner)

    works great even for non tech people like me. this is the 2 nd item I have bought from Pure Tesla

  37. Steven B. (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product.
    Tiny size fits perfectly in the car, cables for connection to the car as well as phone.
    Works perfectly, able to record and view flawlessly.

  38. jeff anderson (verified owner)

  39. Craig Warp (verified owner)

  40. Bernie K. (verified owner)

    Super easy setup. I had it up and running within minutes. No issues.

  41. Stephanie Sanchez (verified owner)

  42. Ali Madani (verified owner)

  43. Ben Harlan (verified owner)

    We received the SSD from USPS in Great shape and look forward to installing it in our Y-Per, on our delivery date: June 4.

  44. Chris P. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, quality product and great customer service. What more can you ask for? Thanks again!

  45. Marc Petitjean (verified owner)

    I ordered from the US because there was no similar formatted version available in the UK – quite unbelievable given the number of Teslas in London. Not even the Tesla site offers these. In any case ordering from the US and paying duty was still cheaper than ordering an unformatted drive in the UK. I plugged and bingo, the icon appeared and I was off! Really could not have been simpler. And despatch was very prompt and delivery quick. Highly recommended.

  46. Marc G. (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient. Complete transparency throughout the transaction.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

  48. David (verified owner)

    Great product Great service very happy

  49. Daniel Whitley (verified owner)

  50. Clyde (verified owner)

  51. Samir H. (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to use and install – works out of the box!

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Flawless setup, just tested and worked great. Love it.

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and great instructions

  54. Alfred G. (verified owner)

    Love it! Just plug in and go!

  55. Mark G. (verified owner)

    Awesome drive. Appreciate the fact I can play music while using the cameras.

  56. Jacobus B. (verified owner)

    These folks are super responsive, your order ships fast and mine arrived way ahead of the anticipated time. The SSD also worked straight out of the box; I just plugged it in and Sentry Mode was in business. Would happily order from them again.

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TeslaCam SSD Extreme
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