How do I use Dashcam?

When you want to save footage during a drive, simply tap the DashCam icon (camera with a red dot).

Here's some basic information you should know:

  1. Tapping the icon and tapping Save Footage saves the last ten minutes of recorded footage.
  2. The front, left, and right, and rear cameras save footage when the icon is tapped.
  3. Video files are saved in a folder called SavedClips, each one minute long.
  4. In the current version of the software there is a bug where sometimes the video is distorted or even corrupted. That is a vehicle software issue and not your drive.
  5. In the current version of TeslaCam there is a chance that your drive may get corrupted due to a incompletely written file. If this happens to you, this fix will likely get you up and running.

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