How do I use Sentry Mode?

When you enable Sentry Mode from your Security menu or from the Tesla app, your cameras start recording. Here's some basic info:

  1. When your Tesla detects a potential threat, it will record footage from the front, left, and right cameras to your SavedClips folder on your USB Drive.
  2. Your USB Drive must be inserted into the car to record footage.
  3. Sentry Mode footage will not clear itself from the drive. You should regularly review and delete the footage from your USB Drive to maintain enough space to allow for proper functionality.

Under the Safety & Security menu in your Tesla, you can adjust the following:

  1. Sentry Mode on or off by default when parking.
  2. The ability to turn on Sentry Mode but exclude specific locations (Home, Work, Favorites).

When returning to your Sentry Mode enabled car, it may display that a number of Sentry Mode events took place. You can review these events by plugging your drive into a computer or compatible device.

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