My Dashcam Footage Isn’t Recording and/or Showing on the Screen

When you are reviewing your TeslaCam footage from your Tesla screen (using Dashcam Viewer) it is easy to assume that your dashcam system isn't recording. Fortunately, if the camera icon with the red dot is displaying, your system is recording.

Tesla opted to not include the “RecentClips” folder as a viewable option on their Dashcam Viewer (in-car viewer), which is normally where your recent dashcam footage is saved.

The footage you're able to see on the Tesla center screen is the following:

  • SAVED dashcam footage (tapping the camera icon while driving and tapping Save Footage)
  • Sentry Mode events

The ~1 hour of footage that is saved temporarily in the RecentClips folder is NOT viewable on the Tesla center screen at this time (this is software limited by Tesla).

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