TeslaCam for iOS Bundle


A seamless option to view Dashcam and Sentry View recordings directly on your iPhone or iPad by plugging into your Lightning port.

  • Comes fully formatted for TeslaCam
  • “Plug-and-Play” – straight from the envelope to your Tesla
  • Works with Mac, PC, Android, and iPhone/iPad via included microSD reader and Lightning port adapter
  • Free download code for Dashcam Viewer for Tesla from App Store (US App Store accounts only)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – “no questions asked” 30-day returns*

Drive comes pre-formatted for TeslaCam – simply plug into your Tesla and it will start recording!

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The best of both worlds: our highly reliable and popular microSD drive for TeslaCam recording coupled with the ability to view footage on the go with the included USB to Lightning adapter for your iPhone or iPad. This package works seamlessly with the included Dashcam Viewer app on iOS (shown in video below).

Included in this package:

  • Fully TeslaCam formatted microSD card
  • USB A & C reader (microSD card inserted and ready to use)
  • USB to Lightning Adapter
  • Download Code for iOS app Dashcam Viewer for Tesla (redeemable in US App Store accounts only)


Enjoy the flexibility of being able to view footage using USB A, USB C, or Lightning connections.

This package allows for seamless review of your Dashcam and Sentry Mode footage on your iPhone and/or iPad using the included microSD card, reader, and lightning adapter! All of which are plug-and-play, both in your Tesla and once you connect it to your iPhone/iPad and open the included Dashcam Viewer for Tesla app or the  Files app.

You will need iOS 13 to view footage on your iOS device. You will need a USA based App Store account to redeem the app code.


Why this option?

For iOS users that want to review footage on the go.

What steps are required?

  1. Purchase the drive from Pure Tesla (it comes pre-formatted!) 🙂
  2. When drive arrives, plug it into your Tesla – no formatting needed, we take care of that for you.
  3. When you're ready to review footage, plug the USB into the lightning adapter, then plug into your iPhone or iPad
  4. Open the Dashcam Viewer app (included in purchase) and tap PURETESLA or TESLACAM…then view footage!


How do I format the drive when I receive it from Pure Tesla?

You don't have to! The whole idea behind this package is that your drive will come pre-formatted, ready for all TeslaCam activities (DashCam and Sentry Mode). Simply plug in the drive to your Tesla and you're good to go (assuming you have a software version that supports DashCam and Sentry Mode).

Each drive is formatted and tested to ensure it is functioning properly.


All our drives fit in the Jeda Hub Dashcam storage compartment.


*Refunds are not provided for the cost of the Dashcam Viewer app ($4.99) as the code sent to the customer is irrevocable.

**NOTE: PureTesla sells the initial Dashcam formatting service and guarantees that Dashcam will work upon arrival. Due to the various computer operating systems and Tesla software updates, we are not responsible for drives that are corrupted due to situations outside of our control. That said, we are always happy to help troubleshoot! Hardware warranty is provided through the manufacturer.

**Dashcam and Sentry Mode recording works with Tesla vehicles manufactured since August 2017. AP 2.0 Hardware is currently not fully supported (but stay tuned as that may change).

**International shipments going through customs are subject to inspection and, depending on your countries import policies, may be assessed import fees/VAT upon arrival and are the responsibility of the customer. This only applies to specific countries. International customers will not be able to redeem the app code without a USA based App Store account.

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128 GB, 256 GB

17 reviews for TeslaCam for iOS Bundle

  1. David (verified owner)

  2. Abdelnasser Arar (verified owner)

    Great! Plug and play!

  3. Barrington (verified owner)

    I will give a full review after we take a drive.

  4. William Bosstic (verified owner)

    htiw laed ot taerg dna tsaf

  5. Atronda (verified owner)

    It worked just as stated.

  6. Juan C Gutierrez (verified owner)

    Excellent App. In general it’s a great product. But from my point of view the costumer services, the support, is fantastic. I made some mistake in the installation of the App and Jeff took me by hand step by step to the end. I’m so happy and I recommend formatted TeslaCam drives from PureTesla 100%.

  7. William Lipowcan (verified owner)

    Recorded well, unfortunately after one use I dropped the Lightening Adapter between the driver seat and the center counsel. I was unable to find it, went to Tesla service center and they were unable to find it. Do you sell the Lightening Adapter separately?
    Thank you, Bill

  8. Mark K. (verified owner)

    Jeff at Pure Tesla was very helpful and responded to a few initial questions that I asked almost immediately.

  9. Jay N. (verified owner)

  10. Tom M. (verified owner)

    Better than the original!! Now I have a USB-3 to Lightning to view the videos on my iPhone. It works right out of the box as advertised. What more can you ask for?

  11. John I. (verified owner)

    Simple to set up and use. One day later I come out to my car, see the sentry events notification. Plug the usb into the lightning connector and see exactly what triggered the event. The big truck sitting next to me in the parking lot was still there in case there were any issues, which there weren’t in this case. Bottom line, provides instant update on what triggers the notification without having to wait until you’re home to plug the stick in the computer.

  12. Linh N. (verified owner)

    I freaking love it. Just plug it in and done. I would highly recommend it to any Tesla owner.

  13. Tonya (verified owner)

    It works great with my new iPad but my iPhone isn’t compatible (I have an iPhone 6)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Juan (verified owner)

  17. Richard B. (verified owner)

    Great product. Excellent packaging and instructions. Super easy to install and use. Highly recommend

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