I just received my PureTesla USB Drive and it doesn’t appear to be working…help!

We know this can be frustrating. Rest assured, we will get it worked out one way or another!

A couple quick things to check:

  • You have a compatible Tesla (AP 2.5 hardware or later is required – typically Sept 2017 or newer unless recently upgraded). 
  • The microSD card is firmly seated in the USB reader (sometimes it loosens during shipping). It is normal for it to stick out of the reader when fully seated.
  • It is plugged into a front USB port. Rear seat USB ports are for charging only. 
  • Using a USB splitter? Make sure that you are using the “data” side of the USB splitter (typically only one side supports data transfer)
  • Pass those tests? Read on!

Does the camera icon appear in the top right corner of the screen when plugged in?

If yes, the system is properly recording. Go for a drive for a few minutes, tap the camera icon while driving, then upon returning put the car in park and tap the camera icon again to launch the viewer. You should be able to view the saved footage. Reminder – you must manually tap the icon to save footage while driving to view footage on the in-car viewer. If you plug the drive into the computer you can view the RecentClips folder (last ~60 minutes of car activity).

If no, your drive may have gotten damaged in transit or may have been corrupted when initially being read by your Tesla. Try this quick step and if it doesn't work we will gladly replace it for you. 

Need a replacement? Get in touch here and we will help out right away: https://puretesla.com/contact/

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