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The Tesla Cybertruck: Event Footage, a Test Ride, and New Info

I was lucky enough to attend the Tesla Cybertruck event and got some great footage along the way. Here’s what I cover in this video: -Pre-Event activities -Elon’s remarks and demonstrations -The Cybertruck -The ATV -I got a Test Ride in the Cybertruck! -Updates on what we know from Elon’s tweets -Closing thoughts Also, I […]

Tesla Cybertruck (cybrtrk) Predictions Crowdsourced predictions for the Tesla Cybertruck! Covering the following topics: -Number of Motors -Seating Capacity -Performance -Doors -Number of Models -Towing Capacity…kind of… -Range Sorry, audio is airport quality 🙂

Single Pedal Driving – in the Snow…No Brakes! (Tesla Software 36.2.1) Check out my commute to work (~35 miles that took over an hour due to the weather) that I was able to accomplish without touching the brake once! The first minute is the highlight and outcome of the drive, the remaining 20 minutes covers: -the drive itself -winter weather driving tips -thoughts about the […]

6 Awesome Gifts for Tesla Owners

Whether it’s for a birthday, the upcoming holidays, or just because (how kind of you!), sometimes it is hard to know just what accessory to buy that Tesla owner in your life. We’ve scoured the web and tried a ton of different products in order to create this list of 8 things that are perfect […]

Auto Park Update, Deep Rain, Model S Plaid, FSD Price Increase, AP on Loaners & More – Tesla Tweets

Tons of great things in this episode of Tesla Tweets! Formatted TeslaCam Drives: In this episode: -AutoPark Update -Smart Summon -Deep Rain (windshield wipers) -Model S Plaid -FSD Price Increase -AP in the EU -Tesla Profitability -Bioweapon Defense Mode -Superchargers in CA -Supercharger PowerPacks -Navigate on Autopilot (Local Roads) More info:

TeslaCam Web Viewer App

TeslaCam Viewer Web App This is a great web app to use when viewing footage on your computer. It works in pretty much any browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc) and will show you all four camera angles for recorded TeslaCam events.  It will read the footage right from your drive, so speeds are great! Definitely […]

Tesla v10 Adds SentryClips Folder

Software v10 (in initial release now) has separated where Dashcam clips and Sentry Mode clips are saved. Here are each of the TeslaCam folders explained. RecentClips: Your Dashcam footage records to this folder. While you are driving, approximately the last hour of footage is saved to this folder and will continually overwrite. View this folder if […]

Smart Parking, Custom Horn and Pedestrian Sounds, Smart Summon, Autopilot and more – Tesla Tweets

Here’s what is covered in this episode of Tesla Tweets: -Smart Parking -Smart Summon -Autopilot and Smart Summon in the EU -Horn and Pedestrian Sound Options -Superchargers in Canada -Feature Requests -Navigation Requests -and More! Support the channel: – get the weekly tweets via an awesome digest to read at your leisure! Get a […]