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Owner Story: Tesla Electricity Costs vs Gasoline Costs Per Month

Folks often ask “How much does an electric car increase your electric bill, and how much do you save on gasoline, per month?” Two folks interested in my Tesla Model 3 recently asked me that, and I wanted to be able to give them a better answer. So, for me: Electric bill increase: $55 Gasoline […]

Delivery Fake Out: New VIN, New Delivery Date

Change of plans. I will not be taking delivery today (Wednesday, November 7th) like I had planned. For the past week I have been sending messages to my assigned Delivery Advisor (DA), all of which went ignored (or at least not responded to). My last communication with him was last Thursday when he confirmed my […]

Owner Story: Vancouver to Jasper Return via Icefields Parkway

I got my Tesla Model 3 quicker than expected (10 days after ordering), and getting a surprise week off of work in early October – we decided to go on a road trip. We thought about taking the ICE… but where’s the fun in that? I told my dad and he laughed and figured I […]

It’s confirmed. Wednesday delivery.

Well, after being on the reservation list since day four, and having placed an order about two weeks ago, I got a text from my delivery specialist today that I can pick up my Model 3 at the Highland Park location on Wednesday. So exciting! I must say, I’ve been impressed by my Delivery Specialist […]

Selling my Audi A4 Private Party vs Trade-in to Tesla

Happy Halloween! Yesterday and today I have been in the thick of figuring out my plan for my 2010 Audi A4. Trade-in value is, as we all know, pretty low compared to private party. Given that I have some time until my Model 3 is delivered (projected end of November), I put my A4 on […]

Welcome to pureTesla from a Reservation Holder and Soon To Be Owner

I am excited to start this website as a place for me (and hopefully others) to not only share my experiences as a soon-to-be Model 3 owner (delivery November 2018), but also as a place to compile tips, tricks, and information about each of the vehicles in the Tesla family. Admittedly, I fell hard. I […]