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6 Awesome Gifts for Tesla Owners

Whether it's for a birthday, the upcoming holidays, or just because (how kind of you!), sometimes it is hard to know just what accessory to buy that Tesla owner in your life.

We've scoured the web and tried a ton of different products in order to create this list of 8 things that are perfect gifts for a Tesla owner. Keep in mind that there will likely be variations of many of the items listed below that work with the specific model (S, 3, X) that the recipient may have, so pay close attention when checking out from the vendor's site that you have the right one!

We are always happy to answer questions, so be sure to comment below if you have any.

Here we go (in no particular order):

Tesla Handcrafted Ornament

With only a small run of these made each year, this Tesla handcrafted wooden ornament is a great unique gift. Each one is precision crafted and will be a great conversation piece as part of your holiday decor!

Tesla Arcade Wireless Game Controller

This is an awesome gift idea for anyone that enjoys a little gaming via the Tesla Arcade. Fun while supercharging or while waiting for someone in the parking lot. Fun for adults and kids alike! Comes fully configured. Truly plug-and-play!

1. TeslaCam USB Drive

OK, so maybe we are a little biased on this one, but a formatted TeslaCam drive is a pretty awesome gift. These drives allow owners to use the cameras surrounding their car as a Dashcam! All the feeds record directly onto the drive. No configuration is necessary, the drive comes fully programmed to work right out of the package.

Versions exist for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. It is compatible with Model 3, Model X, and Model S Tesla vehicles.

Buy it from us and the recipient will get free lifetime customer support!

Starts at $47

2. Jeda Hub (Model 3 Owners)

The Jeda Hub has been described as something that Tesla should have included from the start. The design is extremely precise and looks like it's part of the car.

The Jeda Hub allows you to hide your TeslaCam drive (these drives are compatible with Jeda Hub, if you want to do a package gift) and also still use the USB ports for things like charging your phone. The hub also contains two USB C ports, which is great for a number of devices and peripherals.

I have the Jeda Hub and absolutely love it. Combo it up with a TeslaCam drive that works with Jeda Hub for the ultimate package gift!

Jeda Hub for Model 3

Starts at $79

3. Tesla Floor Mats

All-weather mats (currently made by WeatherTech) are an awesome accessory to protect the interior of any Tesla vehicle. While the in-cabin floor mats are awesome, many people love the trunk and “frunk” mats as well.

4. Center Console Wrap (Model 3)

A very popular (and easy) modification to change the look of a Model 3 is to vinyl wrap the center console. It is piano black from the factory, and tends to scratch easily and show dust and fingerprints.

I installed this kit from TeslaBros on mine and it is one of my favorite modifications.

5. Scent Wedge – Model 3 Air Freshener

These are awesome wooden air fresheners that sit within the air vent of your Model 3, making them effectively hidden. They are extremely natural scents, not overpowering yet also extremely refreshing.

I use these in my Model 3 and absolutely love them.

6. Optimum No Rinse (ONR) Car Wash Solution

This solution is amazing. One gallon of water, one cap full of ONR, one sponge = clean car.

I use this solution in the winter to do car washes in my garage…it's amazing and keeps my car looking great all year. Highly recommended for those wanting a good, quick hand car wash option. Get it from Amazon:

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