Tesla v10 Roll Out, Netflix, YouTube, Cuphead, Joe Mode, Visuals, and more – Tesla Tweets

https://youtu.be/N2DFRgwHPDM Lots of great Tesla information in this episode of Tesla Tweets: – Tesla Software Version 10 (v10) has started rolling out! – Netflix/YouTube and other streaming while parked – Joe Mode – Cuphead – TeslaCam changes – Karaoke – Gigafactory search – Pricing and incentives – Smart Summon – Tesla Insurance – Full Self […]

Smart Summon, Unlimited Supercharging, Home Charging Features, Tesla Maintenance – Tesla Tweets

Lots of great info in this episode of Tesla Tweets: -Smart Summon is coming! -Tesla vehicle maintenance -Tesletter (tesletter.com) -Unlimited Supercharging for Inventory Vehicles -Pride Shirts -Tax Credit Reduction July 1 -Ride the Lightning Podcast (http://bit.ly/2sFnM73) -Midwest Tesla Gathering (midwestteslagathering.com) and more! puretesla.com/usb for preformatted TeslaCam drives!

Tesla Sentry Mode – Info, Updates, and Keep Summer Safe

This episode is dedicated to Tesla Sentry Mode. With the release of 2019.16.2, we saw some great enhancements to Sentry Mode. A quick review of the feature plus what has been added is discussed in this video. Need a formatted drive? puretesla.com/usb What is Sentry Mode? – Tesla‚Äôs Enhanced security system using the front left […]

Enhanced Summon Coming, Tesla Games, Battery Production, Dashcam and More – Tesla Tweets

Here is what is covered on this episode of Tesla Tweets: Enhanced Summon Update (again) Tesla Computer New Games Tesla Filtration Battery Production Dashcam Helps Drivers And more! Need help formatting your USB for Dashcam? puretesla.com/usb New to the channel? Please subscribe! Looking forward to talking with you in the comments. Ordering a new Tesla? […]

How Tesla Dashcam Works

Instead of installing an expensive supplemental dashcam system, you can utilize the cameras built into your AP 2.5 or higher Tesla vehicle as a dashcam system that is ready to use on delivery…well, almost. Read on to learn more. What is Dashcam? Tesla Dashcam is a feature that has been around since the advent of […]

Immediate Software Updates, Content Creation, Top Down Camera Views & More – Tesla Tweets

Need help formatting a Tesla Dashcam USB? Check out http://bit.ly/2Vo9RAn This episode of Tesla Tweets focuses on Immediate Software Updates, Audio/Image Creation, several feature requests and additional countries that can order a Tesla! This is what is covered: Immediate Software Updates Audio/Image Editing using the MCU Automatic Mirrors in Tight Corners Top Down Camera Views […]

Model 3 vs Model S: My Day With a Tesla Model S Loaner

I recently had my Tesla Model 3 in for service and received a 205 Tesla Model S 60 as a loaner vehicle. I decided to do a brief (ish) initial impressions video of my time with the Model S and how it compares to my Model 3. It was a great experience and I hope […]

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