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Tesla v10 Adds SentryClips Folder

Software v10 (in initial release now) has separated where Dashcam clips and Sentry Mode clips are saved. Here are each of the TeslaCam folders explained.

RecentClips: Your Dashcam footage records to this folder. While you are driving, approximately the last hour of footage is saved to this folder and will continually overwrite. View this folder if you want to retrieve footage that you forgot to save AND it is within the last hour of recorded footage.

SavedClips: This is where saved Dashcam footage (when you tap the camera icon) is saved. This folder does not overwrite itself and, if not emptied, will cause your drive to fill up. Use this folder to view saved Dashcam recordings. 

SentryClips: This is where Sentry Mode “events” are saved. New in v10, the oldest Sentry Mode recordings will automatically delete themselves when space is needed on the drive. 


  1. Sandra Chavez

    Are the formatting requirements the same after V10 (ie, FAT32 & one TESLACAM folder)?

    1. Yes, the requirements have remained the same!

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