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HW3/FSD Update, Faster Supercharging, On Demand Trials, & California Tax Law – Tesla Tweets

Lots of good info coming your way on this episode of Tesla Tweets! If Twitter isn’t your thing, or you simply can’t keep it all straight, hopefully this segment of “Tesla Tweets” will help!

At least weekly (more often if there is timely tweets to cover) I share and briefly annotate tweets (and retweets) from @ElonMusk and @Tesla.

Check it out if that sounds of interest/value to you and, if not, no worries! I always appreciate feedback, so let me know if there are any suggestions you have or anything you’d like to see moving forward.

Included in this episode:

-Hardware 3 (FSD Computer) Updates and Installs
-On-Demand Free Trials
-Location Bio Defense Mode
-Charging Tesla-to-Tesla
-April 1 Price Increases
-California Tax Law
-Faster Supercharging
-Tesla Semi
-Fake Sentry Mode

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