Single Pedal Driving – in the Snow…No Brakes! (Tesla Software 36.2.1) Check out my commute to work (~35 miles that took over an hour due to the weather) that I was able to accomplish without touching the brake once! The first minute is the highlight and outcome of the drive, the remaining 20 minutes covers: -the drive itself -winter weather driving tips -thoughts about the […]

Auto Park Update, Deep Rain, Model S Plaid, FSD Price Increase, AP on Loaners & More – Tesla Tweets

Tons of great things in this episode of Tesla Tweets! Formatted TeslaCam Drives: In this episode: -AutoPark Update -Smart Summon -Deep Rain (windshield wipers) -Model S Plaid -FSD Price Increase -AP in the EU -Tesla Profitability -Bioweapon Defense Mode -Superchargers in CA -Supercharger PowerPacks -Navigate on Autopilot (Local Roads) More info:

Smart Parking, Custom Horn and Pedestrian Sounds, Smart Summon, Autopilot and more – Tesla Tweets

Here’s what is covered in this episode of Tesla Tweets: -Smart Parking -Smart Summon -Autopilot and Smart Summon in the EU -Horn and Pedestrian Sound Options -Superchargers in Canada -Feature Requests -Navigation Requests -and More! Support the channel: – get the weekly tweets via an awesome digest to read at your leisure! Get a […]

Navigate on Autopilot vs. a Quick Interchange (Comparison 28.2 vs 32.2.2) – Tesla Check out how Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot handles a quick clover interchange in 32.2.2 compared to 28.2. We look at lane change times, as well! What have your experiences been with Nav on AP lately? Leave them in the comments below. Also, need a TeslaCam drive for Dashcam and Sentry Mode? Check out […]

Tesla v10 Roll Out, Netflix, YouTube, Cuphead, Joe Mode, Visuals, and more – Tesla Tweets Lots of great Tesla information in this episode of Tesla Tweets: – Tesla Software Version 10 (v10) has started rolling out! – Netflix/YouTube and other streaming while parked – Joe Mode – Cuphead – TeslaCam changes – Karaoke – Gigafactory search – Pricing and incentives – Smart Summon – Tesla Insurance – Full Self […]

Smart Summon, Unlimited Supercharging, Home Charging Features, Tesla Maintenance – Tesla Tweets

Lots of great info in this episode of Tesla Tweets: -Smart Summon is coming! -Tesla vehicle maintenance -Tesletter ( -Unlimited Supercharging for Inventory Vehicles -Pride Shirts -Tax Credit Reduction July 1 -Ride the Lightning Podcast ( -Midwest Tesla Gathering ( and more! for preformatted TeslaCam drives!

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