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Tesla FSD Beta Has Released – Tesla Tweets FSD Edition The key FSD related tweets from the last 24 hours – wrapped up into ~7 minutes. Thanks to: @teslaownersSV and @brandonee916 -Information about the price increase from Elon -Expansion worldwide -Videos of FSD in action -Tweets from those using it TeslaCam USB Drives: SSD: Slim Series: microSD:

The Tesla Cybertruck: Event Footage, a Test Ride, and New Info

I was lucky enough to attend the Tesla Cybertruck event and got some great footage along the way. Here’s what I cover in this video: -Pre-Event activities -Elon’s remarks and demonstrations -The Cybertruck -The ATV -I got a Test Ride in the Cybertruck! -Updates on what we know from Elon’s tweets -Closing thoughts Also, I […]

Tesla Cybertruck (cybrtrk) Predictions Crowdsourced predictions for the Tesla Cybertruck! Covering the following topics: -Number of Motors -Seating Capacity -Performance -Doors -Number of Models -Towing Capacity…kind of… -Range Sorry, audio is airport quality 🙂

Single Pedal Driving – in the Snow…No Brakes! (Tesla Software 36.2.1) Check out my commute to work (~35 miles that took over an hour due to the weather) that I was able to accomplish without touching the brake once! The first minute is the highlight and outcome of the drive, the remaining 20 minutes covers: -the drive itself -winter weather driving tips -thoughts about the […]

Auto Park Update, Deep Rain, Model S Plaid, FSD Price Increase, AP on Loaners & More – Tesla Tweets

Tons of great things in this episode of Tesla Tweets! Formatted TeslaCam Drives: In this episode: -AutoPark Update -Smart Summon -Deep Rain (windshield wipers) -Model S Plaid -FSD Price Increase -AP in the EU -Tesla Profitability -Bioweapon Defense Mode -Superchargers in CA -Supercharger PowerPacks -Navigate on Autopilot (Local Roads) More info:

Smart Parking, Custom Horn and Pedestrian Sounds, Smart Summon, Autopilot and more – Tesla Tweets

Here’s what is covered in this episode of Tesla Tweets: -Smart Parking -Smart Summon -Autopilot and Smart Summon in the EU -Horn and Pedestrian Sound Options -Superchargers in Canada -Feature Requests -Navigation Requests -and More! Support the channel: – get the weekly tweets via an awesome digest to read at your leisure! Get a […]