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Smart Summon, Unlimited Supercharging, Home Charging Features, Tesla Maintenance – Tesla Tweets

Lots of great info in this episode of Tesla Tweets: -Smart Summon is coming! -Tesla vehicle maintenance -Tesletter ( -Unlimited Supercharging for Inventory Vehicles -Pride Shirts -Tax Credit Reduction July 1 -Ride the Lightning Podcast ( -Midwest Tesla Gathering ( and more! for preformatted TeslaCam drives!

Enhanced Summon Coming, Tesla Games, Battery Production, Dashcam and More – Tesla Tweets

Here is what is covered on this episode of Tesla Tweets: Enhanced Summon Update (again) Tesla Computer New Games Tesla Filtration Battery Production Dashcam Helps Drivers And more! Need help formatting your USB for Dashcam? New to the channel? Please subscribe! Looking forward to talking with you in the comments. Ordering a new Tesla? […]

Model 3 Orders in Europe, FSD Price Increase, Tesla Insurance, Robotaxis – Tesla Tweets

This episode of Tesla Tweets focuses on some exciting news for prospective European Model 3 buyers and information about the FSD pricing. Lots of great info covered in a short amount of time! This is what is covered: Model 3 Ordering in UK and Europe (if you need a referral code: FSD Package Pricing […]

Streaming Tesla Investor Autonomy Day, Cruise Control, Leasing, and Caught by Sentry – Tesla Tweets

On this episode of Tesla Tweets we dig into streaming the Autonomy Day live, hear from Elon about leasing and Sentry Mode, and get some other random questions answered. Here is what’s covered: -Investor Autonomy Day (how to Live Stream) -Purchasing a FSD Vehicle -Leasing -Powerwall -Kettleman City -Charging Habits -Roadster -Tesla Semi New […]

Navigate on Autopilot Without Confirmation is HERE – Tesla Tweets

Lane Change Without Confirmation for Navigate on Autopilot is here! Announced directly from Tesla, it begins rolling out today. We talk through what was announced on this episode – plus some other fun tweets. Included in this episode: -Navigate on Autopilot – Lane Change Without Confirmation -Screen Brightness -Elon’s Rap Press Release: Let us […]

Sentry Mode Options, Enhanced Summon, European Sales & More – Tesla Tweets

Lots of Tesla news is shared directly from Elon himself on Twitter. If Twitter isn’t your thing, or you simply can’t keep it all straight, hopefully this segment of “Tesla Tweets” will help! At least weekly (more often if there is timely tweets to cover) I share and briefly annotate tweets (and retweets) from @ElonMusk […]

Tesla Referral Program Returns (The Basics, My Thoughts & More) – Tesla Tweets

Tonight we saw the unexpected return of the Tesla Referral Program. It has many changes and they are all detailed on this episode of Tesla Tweets. Included in this episode: -The New Tesla Referral Program -The Jim Cramer Feud -Fancy Drawings on Sketch Pad -The Dodo Highlights Dog Mode Let us know in the comments […]

AWD Peak Power Update, Price Increase Extension, & Autopark – Tesla Tweets

A couple of updates from our last installment of Tesla Tweets from both Elon and Tesla. Here is what’s covered in this episode: -Price Increase Extension -AWD Peak Power Update -Autopark video from Tesla Sorry for the lighting in this video – it was much darker than I thought outside and didn’t realize it until […]