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Tesla Romance Mode

Tesla Easter Egg – Romance Mode Feature: By accessing your T logo on your screen, then opening your apps, you can access Romance mode which turns on a wood burning fire and pumps the heat. Tap the screen once for some S3XY music, too!

Commute with AutoPilot – Tesla Model 3

This video was done with my Tesla Model 3 – it showcases my typical drive home and indicates when AutoPilot is used and when it needed to be disabled to accurately handle certain situations. The blue steering wheel in the lower right corner indicates active AutoPilot. The gray steering wheel indicates disabled AutoPilot. Throughout the […]

Tesla Model 3 Interactive Delivery Checklist

I’ll be taking delivery of my Model 3 next week and, therefore, I have been very interested in making sure I have a good list of things to look for when doing my delivery inspection. In all the excitement of receiving this amazing new car, I was pretty sure I would forget to check something […]

3 Products to Stop Windows and Doors From Freezing Shut on Tesla Model 3

There have been a number of posts on Reddit lately about how the recent influx of cold weather has made windows and doors freeze shut, despite some pre-conditioning and climate control ahead of departure. Now, this is nothing new to really any car that battles winter weather, but those without frames around the windows do […]

How To Program Additional Key Cards/Fobs/Phones – Model 3

Since the release of in-car software version 9, Tesla Model 3 owners can program their own Key Cards and Phones without making a service appointment. Note: Some Service Centers will still tell you that it is necessary to schedule an appointment to add/remove key cards to the system. That is not true. All you need […]

Owner Story: Vancouver to Jasper Return via Icefields Parkway

I got my Tesla Model 3 quicker than expected (10 days after ordering), and getting a surprise week off of work in early October – we decided to go on a road trip. We thought about taking the ICE… but where’s the fun in that? I told my dad and he laughed and figured I […]

Welcome to pureTesla from a Reservation Holder and Soon To Be Owner

I am excited to start this website as a place for me (and hopefully others) to not only share my experiences as a soon-to-be Model 3 owner (delivery November 2018), but also as a place to compile tips, tricks, and information about each of the vehicles in the Tesla family. Admittedly, I fell hard. I […]