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Welcome to pureTesla from a Reservation Holder and Soon To Be Owner

I am excited to start this website as a place for me (and hopefully others) to not only share my experiences as a soon-to-be Model 3 owner (delivery November 2018), but also as a place to compile tips, tricks, and information about each of the vehicles in the Tesla family.

Admittedly, I fell hard. I have been a reservation holder for the past year and throughout that time I hoped that when my “number was called” I would be in a place to make the jump to this incredible car. I am very aware of my constant desire for instant gratification and being on a waiting list for over a year doesn’t play nice with that mentality.

All that said, watching the company unfold and produce a range of vehicles that are truly shaping the future is inspiring and exhilarating. I am honored to be part of this shift in history.

Fast forward to October 23, 2018. I placed my order for a black-on-black Model 3 (Long Range, AWD, Enhanced AutoPilot) and I couldn’t be more excited. Naturally, hitting submit started an endless loop of refreshing the account page waiting for a VIN to appear (none assigned as of 10/29, in case you’re wondering).

What is the future of this site? We’ll see. I plan on sharing the story of my process, tips and tricks I learn along the way, and sharing the products that I’ve seen other owners use on their vehicles.

I love to write and share what I learn with others. I look forward to sharing with you!

Next up on the publishing schedule: details of my order and prep for delivery. Stay tuned!

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