I’ll be taking delivery of my Model 3 next week and, therefore, I have been very interested in making sure I have a good list of things to look for when doing my delivery inspection. In all the excitement of receiving this amazing new car, I was pretty sure I would forget to check something in the heat of the moment. While Tesla has been great about fixing things found after delivery, it is always better to get those issues documented prior to leaving your Delivery Center.

I came across a great list of things to look for from the TeslaMotors subreddit and decided to modify it a bit and re-create it in Google Sheets so that I could manage the list on my phone while inspecting the car. I figured that many of you may want to do the same, so the link to that sheet is below (which forces you to create a copy to your Google account so it doesn’t modify the original).

Click for Model 3 Delivery Checklist



Checkboxes are embedded into the list. Checking the box in each row will change that cell from red to green, which should give you an easy way to scroll through the list at the end to see if there was anything that you missed or that needs to be addressed.

Here’s a quick GIF of what you’d see in Google Sheets on your phone:

Click the button below to create a copy of this sheet to your own Google Apps account:

Click for Model 3 Delivery Checklist


Find something that you think should be included? Comment below!