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Owner Story: Vancouver to Jasper Return via Icefields Parkway

I got my Tesla Model 3 quicker than expected (10 days after ordering), and getting a surprise week off of work in early October – we decided to go on a road trip. We thought about taking the ICE… but where's the fun in that? I told my dad and he laughed and figured I wouldn't make it. Challenge Accepted.

We mapped it out and went on our merry way, taking some photos along the way.

When we were leaving the warnings started being posted about an impending snowstorm in the mountain passes. The snowies I ordered didn't make it for the trip, so it was all-seasons and AWD. We thought about cancelling…then disembarked anyways.

We had torrential downpours for the first few hours but made it through the first mountain pass without much trouble. No snow yet. Stopped for lunch and a charge in Merritt and continued on. Made to to Kamloops and charged for 10 minutes (for the heck of it – I call them insurance top-ups). Still only rain all the way to Revelstoke where we stopped for the night. So far, so good, but you can feel the air is cold.

We eat breaky and continue on. The pass we're headed into, Rogers Pass, is one of the snowiest places in Canada with about 30 feet of snow per year. It didn't disappoint as we drove into a full-fledged snowstorm. There was carnage everywhere. Cars off the road, semi's spinning their wheels going nowhere (there were two side by side which were blocking the westbound lanes completely) with a long line of vehicles stuck behind. We even saw someone slide right off the road. the 3 felt pretty solid, but I was a bit wary of not having my snowies on witnessing the carnage all around us. You learn very quickly to turn regen to low otherwise you lose traction constantly. I also turned on chill mode to help keep the torque under control. The Continentals did pretty good, but when we hit black ice in the tunnels they had met their match. Thankfully they were short tunnels.

Eventually the snow slows as we decend into Golden for our next Supercharge stop, and after a snowy mountain pass, it was needed. Still had over 100KM to spare, but when I drove an ICE I always preferred a full tank and no different here.

The trip from Golden to Banff was a snowy one, but there was less carnage. By the time we got to Banff there was a foot of fresh snow on the ground (thankfully the plows had been out). A little destination charging (HPWC) and an overnight at our hotel and we're ready to go.

We day-tripped to Lake Louise, then back to Banff for another overnight at the hotel and charge.

We then trekked up the Icefields Parkway, which if you're ever in the area you must drive. Both ways. It's absolutely incredible. You're right in the middle of the Rockies and surrounded by turquoise glacier fed lakes and incredible sights, turn after turn. We made a bunch of stops and then cruised into Jasper for another hotel overnight (with a HPWC). We met another Model 3 come up from Oregon and it looked like they hit some inclement weather too. They got stuck with the Sun Country.

A little breaky in Jasper and a pointless top-up at the restaurant (didn't really need it). But good to know it's there and working. We do the reverse Icefields Parkway, and have lunch at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise which offers free parking (if you dine there) and quite a few Tesla and Sun Country charger spots coned off (so ICE cars don't steal them). Just a bit of insurance to make sure we get to the next Supercharger in Golden. Then in Revelstoke. Then in Salmon Arm we call it quits and find a Hotel with a HPWC.

We now have enough to make it to Merritt without an insurance stop in Kamloops. Charge in Merritt and all the way back home. Wanted to check out the Hope Supercharger but didn't need it.

19″s did reduce range along with the cold. I overruled the Nav which was trying to get me places with what was turning out to be 3-5% remaining. I would always set out with a 20% arrival charge goal. That always got us where we were going even as conditions changed.

Took a bit of planning, but it was a lot of fun. TACC drove half the trip following someone who drove the speed I liked to drive…what a game changer. I literally only had to steer for hours. Another 3rd was on full autopilot.

And yes, I got the ceramic before we left but sadly not the PPF, and if the rock chips on the bumper cover are any indication, it'd be a good thing to get done.

TL;DR: Went on a trip, hit rain, snow and some amazing sights. Album:

Story submitted by Reddit user skidz007 (originally posted here).

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