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It’s confirmed. Wednesday delivery.

Well, after being on the reservation list since day four, and having placed an order about two weeks ago, I got a text from my delivery specialist today that I can pick up my Model 3 at the Highland Park location on Wednesday. So exciting!

I must say, I've been impressed by my Delivery Specialist so far. Prompt responses to texts, easy time selection for pick up, and quick detailed answers to questions – can't ask for much more than that.

I plan on taking a delivery checklist with me (I'll post it to the site) to make sure I don't miss anything needing correction. But, either way, I'm extremely excited to get into this car!

I had my VIN switch this morning, which is interesting. It went up numerically by about 1,200, which I have no idea if that means anything at all (newer?). I've texted my specialist and I'll update if I get any new info.

I'll write a separate post with some of the accessories I've purchased ahead of time (mats, charger, etc).

Let me know if there are any tips and tricks you would recommend during delivery!

Edit: Change of plans. Read here.

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