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Tesla Software v10, Insurance, TeslaCam, Wide EAP, Model 3 in AU, and more – Tesla Tweets Great info coming to us from the Twitters again:

-Info about Tesla Software Version 10
-Wait, there are two Early Access Programs?
-Additional TeslaCam feature!
-Model 3 in Australia!
-Tesla Insurance
-Party Mode
-Customer Service
-and MORE!

Need a preformatted TeslaCam drive?


  1. What about the rear view camera back on top while driving in a Model S ?

    1. Haven’t heard news about that – but it is a highly requested feature!

      1. I checked with my Kansas City Missouri Tesla service center, and was told that there is no rear view camera on top option in version 10. Incidentally, emails to Tesla went unanswered, chat was unavailable, and phone calls went to endless voicemail, shunting me to the aforementioned website chat.

        Two points: 1- Models S is less of a priority than Model 3, and 2 – practical updates are secondary to ‘gaming’

        A Disappointed Early Adopter (2017 Model S P100D, winter, sound ~ 154k)

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