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How Tesla Dashcam Works

Instead of installing an expensive supplemental dashcam system, you can utilize the cameras built into your AP 2.5 or higher Tesla vehicle as a dashcam system that is ready to use on delivery…well, almost. Read on to learn more. What is Dashcam? Tesla Dashcam is a feature that has been around since the advent of […]

How to Setup Tesla DashCam and Sentry Mode

In Tesla vehicles that have the AP 2.5 hardware or higher, it is possible to utilize the existing cameras as a dashcam and security system (called TeslaCam and Sentry Mode, respectively). These systems are a great way to document what is happening around your vehicle in two scenarios:  While Driving (using Dashcam) While Parked (using […]

Choosing the Right Extension Cord to Charge your Tesla

Let’s face it, electrical outlets aren’t always where they are most convenient. This is especially true when you consider workplace charging and visiting family and friends. The question circulates pretty regularly: “Do I need a specific extension cord to charge my Tesla?” The short answer is “Yes.” While a standard extension cord you have at […]

How to Maximize Winter Range and Efficiency in your Tesla

People regularly ask how they can extend the range of their electric vehicles during the efficiency-crippling winter months (you know, in places that experience cold and snowy winters). There are several settings and routines that you can implement that will drastically improve your efficiency and, in turn, your range that really only require foresight and […]

Tesla Model 3 Interactive Delivery Checklist

I’ll be taking delivery of my Model 3 next week and, therefore, I have been very interested in making sure I have a good list of things to look for when doing my delivery inspection. In all the excitement of receiving this amazing new car, I was pretty sure I would forget to check something […]

How To Program Additional Key Cards/Fobs/Phones – Model 3

Since the release of in-car software version 9, Tesla Model 3 owners can program their own Key Cards and Phones without making a service appointment. Note: Some Service Centers will still tell you that it is necessary to schedule an appointment to add/remove key cards to the system. That is not true. All you need […]