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Priority Bluetooth and Glovebox PIN – Tesla Software Update 2020.40.0.1 Starts Rollout

The first install of 2020.40.0.1 has been detected on a Tesla Model 3. The update notes share the existence of two new features:

Priority Bluetooth Device

“To avoid connecting to the wrong nearby phone, you can now set your priority Bluetooth device. Your car will attempt to connect to the priority device associated with the with the profile selected before it attempts to connect to other paired phones. To set your priority device, tap the Bluetooth icon on the top of your touchscreen, select your preferred phone and tap priority device.”

A couple of key points here:

  • It appears that each driver profile can tie a priority device to their profile. This is great to identify the driver through the paired key and pair the appropriate device.
  • This is a great feature that adds another layer of functionality to the already robust feature set that is tied to user profiles in the car.

Glovebox PIN

“Protect the valuables in your glovebox with a four-digit PIN. Tap Controls > Safety & Security > Glovebox PIN on the touchscreen to create your PIN.”

Key points:

  • A long requested feature by Tesla owners has come to light.
  • Owners have requested a way to secure the glovebox (valet, friends, etc)
  • A quick and easy four digit pin is a secure yet fast way to access the glovebox (since PIN to drive is already a great option as well).

This roll out just started (as of 9/30/20) and will slowly roll over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!

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