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Priority Bluetooth and Glovebox PIN – Tesla Software Update 2020.40.0.1 Starts Rollout

The first install of 2020.40.0.1 has been detected on a Tesla Model 3. The update notes share the existence of two new features: Priority Bluetooth Device “To avoid connecting to the wrong nearby phone, you can now set your priority Bluetooth device. Your car will attempt to connect to the priority device associated with the […]

BIG Tesla News: Standard Range Model 3, Autopilot & FSD Updates, and More!

Today Tesla announced LOTS of new changes to their offerings, especially related to the Model 3. Here is what I talked about on this video: -Model 3 Trim Updates (Including Standard Range) -Trim Package Information (Standard, Partial Premium, Premium) -Autopilot vs Full Self Driving (FSD) -Some questions answered -Closing of showrooms -7 Day Return And […]