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Owner Story: Crying in My Tesla

My wife and I stopped by our local Dunkin Donuts this morning for coffee, and while we were there, one of the young women behind the counter was talking to her two co-workers about our Model S parked outside. “Did you see that Tesla parked outside? That’s my car someday,” she kept saying to her […]

Owner Story: Tesla Electricity Costs vs Gasoline Costs Per Month

Folks often ask “How much does an electric car increase your electric bill, and how much do you save on gasoline, per month?” Two folks interested in my Tesla Model 3 recently asked me that, and I wanted to be able to give them a better answer. So, for me: Electric bill increase: $55 Gasoline […]

Owner Story: Vancouver to Jasper Return via Icefields Parkway

I got my Tesla Model 3 quicker than expected (10 days after ordering), and getting a surprise week off of work in early October – we decided to go on a road trip. We thought about taking the ICE… but where’s the fun in that? I told my dad and he laughed and figured I […]