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Owner Story: Crying in My Tesla

My wife and I stopped by our local Dunkin Donuts this morning for coffee, and while we were there, one of the young women behind the counter was talking to her two co-workers about our Model S parked outside.

“Did you see that Tesla parked outside? That's my car someday,” she kept saying to her friends. After we got our drinks, I asked her if she could let someone else take orders for a minute and we could give her a ride in the Tesla. She was speechless, and actually started crying. “Do you mean it?” she asked. Sure!

She sat in the passenger's seat and I showed her how the MCU worked. We drove around the parking lot in the shopping mall next door. The whole time, she was so overcome with emotion, she could barely talk. She took pictures the entire time with her phone.

When we got back to the Dunkin, her manager said, “You made her day.” She said, “You made my whole week!”

Afterwards, I said to my wife, “This sort of thing never happened with our Toyota.” 🙂

Even after having our car for a whole year now, this is my favorite part of owning a Tesla: being able to share the experience with others.

Story by Reddit user YesRocketScience. Posted with permission.

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