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A Call From My Delivery Agent, New Confirmed Delivery Date

I heard back from my assigned delivery agent yesterday after not hearing from him for about a week.

Turns out, he had taken “a few days off.” I'm all for people taking time off, but unfortunately his time off started the day after he texted me that my car was super early and ended the day after everyone realized that they made a mistake and gave me the wrong delivery date. Admittedly, he did say that they have already talked as a team and are coming up with back-up DAs for people to make sure this doesn't happen again.

We had a long talk where he confirmed every little detail of my order, paperwork, etc to ensure that this new delivery date is super smooth (Nov 21 with the potential to be Nov 20).

A manager named Chris is also going to reach out to me regarding this experience so they can continue to improve their systems.

So, if your VIN happens to change days before delivery, definitely reach out to your DA or call Customer Service to make sure your car is still going to be there when you expected.

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