Smart Summon, Unlimited Supercharging, Home Charging Features, Tesla Maintenance – Tesla Tweets

Lots of great info in this episode of Tesla Tweets: -Smart Summon is coming! -Tesla vehicle maintenance -Tesletter ( -Unlimited Supercharging for Inventory Vehicles -Pride Shirts -Tax Credit Reduction July 1 -Ride the Lightning Podcast ( -Midwest Tesla Gathering ( and more! for preformatted TeslaCam drives!

Tesla Sentry Mode – Info, Updates, and Keep Summer Safe

This episode is dedicated to Tesla Sentry Mode. With the release of 2019.16.2, we saw some great enhancements to Sentry Mode. A quick review of the feature plus what has been added is discussed in this video. Need a formatted drive? What is Sentry Mode? – Tesla‚Äôs Enhanced security system using the front left […]

Enhanced Summon Coming, Tesla Games, Battery Production, Dashcam and More – Tesla Tweets

Here is what is covered on this episode of Tesla Tweets: Enhanced Summon Update (again) Tesla Computer New Games Tesla Filtration Battery Production Dashcam Helps Drivers And more! Need help formatting your USB for Dashcam? New to the channel? Please subscribe! Looking forward to talking with you in the comments. Ordering a new Tesla? […]

Immediate Software Updates, Content Creation, Top Down Camera Views & More – Tesla Tweets

Need help formatting a Tesla Dashcam USB? Check out This episode of Tesla Tweets focuses on Immediate Software Updates, Audio/Image Creation, several feature requests and additional countries that can order a Tesla! This is what is covered: Immediate Software Updates Audio/Image Editing using the MCU Automatic Mirrors in Tight Corners Top Down Camera Views […]

Model 3 vs Model S: My Day With a Tesla Model S Loaner

I recently had my Tesla Model 3 in for service and received a 205 Tesla Model S 60 as a loaner vehicle. I decided to do a brief (ish) initial impressions video of my time with the Model S and how it compares to my Model 3. It was a great experience and I hope […]

Restarting the Tesla MCU WHILE DRIVING

Did the screen in your Tesla freeze while driving? Is is acting bizarre and you know you need to restart the MCU but don’t feel like pulling over to do it? Check out what happens when you restart your MCU while driving! Ordering a new Tesla? Use the link when ordering to get 1,000 […]

Model 3 Orders in Europe, FSD Price Increase, Tesla Insurance, Robotaxis – Tesla Tweets

This episode of Tesla Tweets focuses on some exciting news for prospective European Model 3 buyers and information about the FSD pricing. Lots of great info covered in a short amount of time! This is what is covered: Model 3 Ordering in UK and Europe (if you need a referral code: FSD Package Pricing […]

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