Tesla Autonomy Day Highlights & Model S/X Updates – Tesla Tweets

It was a big day on Monday as Tesla gave a ton of detail regarding their autonomous driving efforts and unveiled details about the chip, Tesla Vision, and the Tesla Network. In this episode, I took about 4 hours of information and baked it down to about 12 minutes – so buckle up! This is […]

Streaming Tesla Investor Autonomy Day, Cruise Control, Leasing, and Caught by Sentry – Tesla Tweets

On this episode of Tesla Tweets we dig into streaming the Autonomy Day live, hear from Elon about leasing and Sentry Mode, and get some other random questions answered. Here is what’s covered: -Investor Autonomy Day (how to Live Stream) puretesla.com/autonomyday -Purchasing a FSD Vehicle -Leasing -Powerwall -Kettleman City -Charging Habits -Roadster -Tesla Semi New […]

Autopilot in Chicago – Tesla Model 3

This is why I love Tesla’s Autopilot feature. A different take on driving in a city that is usually not fun to drive in. This video was made before they changed the pricing – Autopilot is now included in many trim levels and does not require an additional “package” as referenced. What I talk about: […]

FSD Computer Info, Enhanced Summon Delayed, FSD Price Increases & More – Tesla Tweets

On this episode of Tesla Tweets we look at the latest from Elon Musk and Tesla. Here is what’s covered: -FSD Computer in Production -FSD Option Price Increases -Enhanced Summon -Autopilot Safety and Training -Dog Mode feature Request -Model 3 availability outside the US New to the channel? Please subscribe! Looking forward to talking with […]

Tesla Vehicle Shakeup – Standard Model 3 Removed, Leasing, Autopilot for All

Tesla’s announcement about their vehicle lineup changes includes a lot of information about the Model 3, including leasing and Autopilot availability. Other vehicles are impacted as well, so tune in and get fully up to date with regards to Tesla’s latest news release. In this video: -Removal of Standard Model 3 -Autopilot for all -Model […]

Navigate on Autopilot without Lane Change Confirmation (Comparison: 2019.8.5 vs 2019.8.3)

Join me on my commute using Navigate on Autopilot (2019.8.5) with Lane Change Confirmation turned off. I used footage from the previous version to show improvements to the system, too. You’ll see: -On-Ramp -Lane Change/Merge -Interchanges -Metering for cars merging into my lane -Zipper merge How has NoA without Lane Change Confirmation been for you? […]

Enhanced Summon Update, Tesla vs Uber, Teslatari Games & More – Tesla Tweets

Enhanced Summon is coming soon! Are you as excited as I am? We talk through enhanced summon, the Tesla Network, Sentry Mode – plus some other fun tweets. Included in this episode: -Enhanced Summon Release -Tesla Network (to compete with Uber/Lyft) -Sentry Mode -Model 3 Door Markings -Radar vs LiDar New to the channel? Please […]

Navigate on Autopilot Without Confirmation is HERE – Tesla Tweets

Lane Change Without Confirmation for Navigate on Autopilot is here! Announced directly from Tesla, it begins rolling out today. We talk through what was announced on this episode – plus some other fun tweets. Included in this episode: -Navigate on Autopilot – Lane Change Without Confirmation -Screen Brightness -Elon’s Rap Press Release: https://ift.tt/2JZXGcy Let us […]

How the Model 3 Heats the Door Handles and the Charge Port

Stemming from a long winter of frozen door handles and charge port latches, we take a look at just how the Model 3 heats those locations and what you can do to make sure you’re ready to drive when you need to. Vehicle: Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor (2018 build) New to the […]