Tesla Range Estimation Update

Reports say that Tesla has updated its algorithm to better predict range when using navigation. Supposedly, this improvement is markedly better in cold weather climates. I did a mini test on my way to work (which is notoriously incorrect) to see if it was any better. Firmware Version: 2018.50.6 Here is the link that is […]

Tesla Model 3 vs Midwestern Winter

Follow me as I drive around the Chicagoland area after getting a bunch of snow! Included in the video: driving, my settings for winter weather, general Jeff commentary. An exterior video of driving in the snow is coming soon.

Hunting for a Supercharger in Rosemont

This video follows me as I search for the newer Supercharger in Rosemont, IL. It’s not easy to find if you don’t know where to look! Spoiler: It’s in the parking garage on level P6!

Why it seems like your music pauses randomly.

Ever feel like you turned your music down (to mute) and then when you turn it back up nothing is playing? It’s by design! Watch to find out why.

Adjust Autopilot or TACC to Speed Limit with One Tap

Drive through areas with quickly changing speed limits? Instead of scrolling to the new speed, tap the speed limit icon on your screen and Autopilot or TACC will change to that speed (plus or minus your offset)!

Turn off Heat or AC with One Tap

This is a Tesla Quick Tip that allows you to fully turn off your heating or AC with one couple second tap on the fan icon. This is a great feature given that the HVAC system turns on every time you turn on the defroster, even if you didn’t want it on! Simply tap and […]

Tesla Pole Position Demo

Who knew that years ago when we were playing Pole Position in the arcade that years later we would be playing the game in the drivers seat of our car! What a fun way to commemorate one of the first driving games, in typical Tesla fashion. Controlling the game allows you to use the steering […]

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