NFC Tags – Tesla and iPhone Automation



Automate functions of your Tesla using NFC tags that you can program to specific shortcuts within the iPhone Shortcuts app.

  • Quickly program your NFC tags using detailed instructions (provided)
  • Tap your iPhone (XS, XR, 11 or 11 Pro) to an NFC tag to trigger shortcuts
  • Open trunk, frunk, charge port, and more with the tap your phone to the NFC tag
  • Directions/examples given use Stats for Tesla app, available on App Store.

Guaranteed to work with iPhone XS, XR, 11, and 11 Pro

Please note: an iOS app (like Stats for Tesla) is needed to quickly create Tesla automations. All directions are given using Stats app.

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Looking for an easy way to use your iPhone as a way to quickly execute your commonly used Tesla controls? What if you could tap your iPhone near the frunk and charge port and make them open automatically?

NFC tags are what you're looking for!

By ordering these NFC tags, you can quickly setup shortcuts using an app like Stats for Tesla and the Apple Shortcuts app. We have prepared extremely easy to follow instructions so that setup is a breeze. The tags are small circular stickers, making them easy to apply in places they are the most useful (charge port, frunk (behind tow hook cover), wallet, purse, and countless other places).

Important notes:

The options are extensive, but here are just some of the automations you can pair to an NFC tag:

  • Climate Controls
  • Seat Heaters
  • Sentry Mode on/off
  • Changing the Charge Limit
  • Locking/Unlocking Doors
  • Opening the Trunk
  • Opening the Frunk
  • Start/Stop Charging
  • Open Charge Port
  • Get the inside/outside temp of the car
  • Get the remaining range of the car

What's even better is that multiple shortcuts can be added to one tag!

What are some locations I can apply the NFC tags?

  • Behind front tow hook cover (for front trunk operation)
  • Under Charge Port cover (ideas: either charge port unlock/open or for trunk operation)
  • On Tesla Charger (ideas: start/stop charging or open/close charge port cover)
  • Bedroom/Bathroom (idea: climate control operation)
  • Office (ideas: range remaining, climate control, seat heaters)
  • Wallet/Purse (ideas: frunk, trunk, climate)
  • Work ID badge (for any operations)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the tags be shipped already setup?
    • No, unfortunately NFC tags are specific to each user/device. They must be setup using your iPhone to function, which is designed to increase security. That said, our instructions are extremely detailed and shouldn't create any issues. We are always here to help, too!
  • What phones are compatible with these NFC tags?
    • Guaranteed to work with iPhone XS, XR, 11, and 11 Pro. Some Android phones/apps will also work with the Tasker app.
  • How long will it take to set up a shortcut to one of the NFC tags?
    • If you're starting from scratch (haven't downloaded the Stats for Tesla app, first NFC tag ever) then it will take approximately 5-10 minutes to get fully operational. After that initial setup (one time) you can create new NFC tags in under a minute!
  • Where can I put these tags? 
    • The short answer is anywhere your phone can still read them. The phone must come close to the tag for it to trigger but the tags don't read well through metal. We share some good ideas for locations in the description above.

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