The most reliable TeslaCam USB option available.

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Captures the unexpected, automatically

Our pre-formatted TeslaCam USB drives start recording as soon as you plug it in to your Tesla. Protect yourself and your Tesla using the highest quality microSD USB drive available for TeslaCam.

The Easiest TeslaCam Setup Available

Open the Package

Your order ships within 1-2 days and you are updated on delivery progress the entire way. Open the package and remove the drive upon arrival.

Plug USB into Tesla

The drive is already programmed. Simply plug the puretesla USB drive into the front USB port in your Tesla. That's it!

System Starts Recording

Your Tesla will start recording to the USB drive within 30 seconds after plugging it in. Couldn't be easier!

Clean, easy install

Enables TeslaCam automatically

Highest quality components

Our microSD cards are Endurance grade, meaning you will get the most reliability and longest life expectancy. Regular USB drives simply don't cut it.

Our USB readers have aluminum unibody enclosures and are designed to maximize performance while minimizing heat.

Not everyone is kind...

Capture events like you see in this video automatically by using one of our TeslaCam USB drives designed specifically for your Tesla. 

Affordable TeslaCam Solution

Endurance class microSD cards and highly tested USB readers ensure that your TeslaCam drive from puretesla will work when you need it the most.

TeslaCam microSD USB $67.99

Ultimate TeslaCam Protection

A small profile SSD coupled with a write speed that is over 100x faster than what Tesla requires means that you will have tremendous performance and reliability at an unbeatable price. 

TeslaCam Extreme SSD $114

Our Highest Rated TeslaCam Drives

TeslaCam USB

Works with all Tesla vehicles.


Plug-and-Play on arrival. No programming needed.


TeslaCam Extreme SSD Formatted for Tesla

TeslaCam SSD

Works with all Tesla vehicles.

Longest Lasting & Largest Storage

Plug-and-Play on arrival. No programming needed.


TeslaCam iOS iPhone iPad App microSD

TeslaCam iOS Bundle

Works with all Tesla vehicles.


iPhone/iPad Adapter
iOS App to Review Footage


Our Most Recent Reviews

Doug W
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Arrived on time, easy to install and works great.
Edna W.
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Item arrived quickly for an international delivery. Just plugged it in and it works. Awesome.
Jenine M.
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You open the envelope and plug it in. Seriously. That’s it. Thank you, pureTesla!
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Simply great! Arrived quickly in Canada. Product looks sturdy, worked as advertised: simply plug&play! Thanks!
Luis M
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Works great, truly plug and play. The camera icon popped up right away and It was set and recording.
Jeff R
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Excellent service. Performs as advertised
Alexandra M
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Perfect experience, product arrived within a week, easy to install (just insert), clear instructions, worked immediately.
Daniel D
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Awesome service and awesome products.
David O
Read More
Seems perfect – order came quickly and drive was recognized by car (Model Y) immediately, seems to be working great so far. I was going to order USB drive and SD separately and assemble myself, but Pure Tesla was so much easier, barely cost me anything more, and gave me the confidence to know I’d be getting the correct parts. Highly recommend!
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Great product, fast delivery
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Works perfectly!! Easy to use with no setup. Fast shipping.
Adam G
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Super fast shipping, and clear explanations of the benefits!
Mario G
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Excellent experience!
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Best product for sentry mode on the market. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a sentry mode storage device
Edmar S
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Amazing product!! Love it!!
John M
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This is the second DashCam card I have ordered from PureTesla. This one is for my wife’s new Model Y expected next week. Purchase and delivery went very smoothly as with the first purchase. Very professional product and delivery pipeline!
Amanda P
Read More
Arrived on time and is plug and play. Tutorial videos very helpful. Picked this set up because of it’s ease of use, seamless UI and the ability to see and send clips right from my iOS device to police or insurance should anything be necessary. Couldn’t ask for a better quality product and don’t hesitate to purchase this setup for Sentry mode!
Richard V
Read More
The micro SD was exactly what I needed. Since it is already formated all I had to do was plug it in. Pure Tesla kept shipping info continually updated by e-mail which is a nice touch.
Read More
The product works as advertised, and comes at a good price. In addition, the customer service was excellent. I had a couple of questions along the way, and Jeff and his team were highly responsive and knowledgeable.
Read More
This product is a ridiculously cheap and easy to use solution for a dash cam. I highly recommend. Plug and play!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tesla vehicles that have AP2.5 hardware or later are compatible with recording video to a USB drive. 

AP2.5 hardware started shipping on Tesla vehicles starting in August 2017, with a full conversion in October 2017. If you have the Full Self Driving package and have been upgraded to the HW3 (Full Self Driving Computer) your pre-August 2017 Tesla will work with TeslaCam!

USB recording is NOT compatible with AP1.0 or AP2.0 hardware (vehicles manufactured before August 2017).

To check what computer hardware you have, tap Controls (car icon) -> Software -> Additional Vehicle Information. If your Autopilot computer is “2.5” or “Full Self Driving Computer” then your Tesla will work with our USB drives!

No, your Pure Tesla USB drive comes entirely pre-formatted for TeslaCam.

Simply open the package and plug the USB drive into your Tesla. That's it!

Items that are in stock will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. 

Items shipped using our Free Shipping option take 3-5 days for delivery (after shipment).

Items shipped using the Priority Shipping option take 2-3 days for delivery (after shipment).

Items that are out of stock (backordered) will be noted on the product page and during checkout.

Dashcam is a system built into your Tesla. When a properly formatted USB drive (like the one we sell) is inserted into the USB port in your Tesla, the car will start recording from the front, left, right, and rear cameras. 

The system retains the most recent hour of footage before overwriting itself. 

To save footage, simply tap the Dashcam icon (small camera with red dot) and the last 10 minutes of footage will be saved permanently to the SavedClips folder on the drive. It will remain until you delete it.

Sentry Mode, when enabled, monitors your Tesla while it is parked and locked. When a potential threat is detected, the system enters Alert state, which starts the four cameras recording (front, left, right, rear) and also displays a message on the center screen.

If the threat becomes physical (entering vehicle, damage, etc) it will enter Alarm state and will activate the lights, horn, and music in the car.

Video clips from both Alert and Alarm states are saved to the SentryClips folder on your USB drive. The oldest clips overwrite when the drive fills up.